endless possibilities for new wood products

Reforus’ breakthrough green technology has been proven in a variety of applications to protect wood’s structural integrity and extend its value. These enhanced wood composites are more resilient to water, fire and mold than traditional wood. The bio-polymer coating brings versatility to wood that has never been seen before, providing endless possibilities to design, build and manufacture with wood. We offer wood manufacturers the ability to earn higher profit margins and generate new opportunities in a global market.

Moisture Protection

Bio-polymer technology provides a waterproof coating capable withstanding high moisture conditions.

Flame Resistance

Superior flame resistance that can stand up to any exposure.  Suitable for residential, commercial, and industrial applications

Mould Resistance

Resistant to mould as well as borers, insects, and rodents.  Suitable for any climate, artic to tropic.


Finally, a solution to provide durable exterior anti skid/slip protection replacing expensive and ineffective tapes.  Waterproof polymer coating with added grit for an anti-skid surface that is bonded directly to any wood product.


Suitable for long term exterior exposure

Bonds directly to substrate

Plywood / OSB / Pressure Treated / Dimensional Lumber

Easy Maitenance / Washdown

Reforus Technology

Our manufacturing process uses pulp and agriculture waste streams to naturally extend wood’s performance. Manufacturers and builders improve their efficiencies because wood composites made with Reforus technology helps cut labour costs, eliminate processes and reduce materials needed. These composite products out perform traditional build materials, making them a more affordable and smarter long-term investment.


The natural charring action of the Bio-Polymer technology developed by Reforus brings a new level of flame resistance to wood products. And unlike many high price intumescent paints, the Bio-Polymer coating can withstand continual exposure to moisture without degrading its flame resistance.


ASTM e84 / CANULC S102 “Class A” rating

Suitable for long term exterior exposure

Bonds directly to substrate

Plywood / OSB / Pressure Treated / Dimensional Lumber

Industry Partnerships

Reforus is a disruptive, green-technology company producing advanced bio-based urethanes for visionary wood manufacturers.  We offer innovative opportunities for our clients to develop value-added wood products to serve untapped markets and grow their sales.  Manufacturers are losing market share because of costly and better performing metal, plastic and carbon fiber composite materials. Reforus’ green technology composite adds value to wood, which creates new opportunities for manufacturers to make better and more sustainable products with higher profit margins.

Innovation | Versatility | Collaboration | Sustainability


About Reforus

Innovative Technology designed by Passionate Wood Experts, Reforus is a company with deep roots in the wood industry. We are builders, carpenters and engineers who appreciate the beauty, strength and flexibility of wood. From our passion and respect for wood we created Reforus: a disruptive, green technology company that rethinks wood possibilities.

Over years of research and development in Canada, Reforus technology performance has been proven in a variety of wood applications including OSB, MDF, plywood and dimensional lumber. We leverage technology to add value to wood products. We use advanced bio-mechanical properties to create a natural bonding composite to protect the structural integrity of wood. The enhanced wood composite is more resilient to water, fire and mold than traditional wood.

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