Creating Advanced Value Added Wood Products From Renewable Fibre Sources

Reforus is a private company from Vancouver BC specializing in state of the art building technologies. For the past 7 years Reforus has focused on creating high performance composite panels from timber considered worthless by loggers, mill owners, and developers. The founders of Reforus have over 40 years of “hands on” project development in the building industry. This experience has led to the creation of the BuildPanel building platform which dramatically reduces the costs of labour, materials, and project management.

Solid Wood Composite Technology

Solid Wood Composite Technology combines low value “waste” wood with mould processing, 3rd generation bio-based chemistry, robotics, and computer aided manufacturing to create a composite system that is unique on a world basis. Solid Wood Composite (SWC) panels combine the best attributes of polymer manufacturing processes with the structural integrity of wood.

All Weather / All Purpose Wood Panelsswc1

The glass smooth finish ideal for any room in the house, especially rooms with water or mold problems, yet it is also weather ready for exterior applications like Architectural paneling, Exterior siding, and marine exposure.

  • CARB Part 2 exempt
  • High LEED rating
  • Bio-based binder
  • Resistant to borers, rodents and insects
  • Non-toxic – no formaldehydes
  • Suitable for use in all climates from Tropics to Arctic
  • Suitable for long term immersion in water


New Fibre Utilization Methods

Wood is the only “ready to use” structural material in nature and holds the key to housing millions of people worldwide. Reforus has dedicated itself to mitigating the stress on the forest by:

  • Utilizing small stem and non-merchantable trees

  • Maximizing the use of forest residue

  • Using advanced engineering technologies to minimize the need for material intensive construction

BuildPanel – A New Building Platform

system-1BuildPaneltm is a new proprietary building platform which consists of a system of structural shear panels that are “clicked” together to form buildings. BuildPaneltm incorporates a weather resistant slip joint/connector system (male/female) on the vertical edges of each panel that enables the inexperienced worker to build structures within hours without any formal training.

The basic BuildPaneltm component panel is modified during the production process to produce a myriad of structural parts. The user combines the parts in various configurations to produce an unlimited variety of building structures. Assembly is easy to learn and structures can be built in hours (vs days/weeks using conventional building techniques)

  • Building quality is assured since panels can only “click together” one way – “the correct way”
  • Panels are self-engineering and footprints can be changed in real time as consumer needs change
  • Suitable for weather conditions from the Arctic to the equator
  • Buildings are non-toxic – resistant to borers, rodents, vermin, will not support mould growth

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BuildPanel Advantages

About Reforus

Reforus is a Canadian controlled private corporation (CCPC) currently supplying construction management services to customers in the Pacific North West. Starting in 2014, it is focusing its activity on commercializing a proprietary wood processing technology called SWC (Solid Wood Composite) that it has developed in-house. The process converts small stem timber and non-merchantable wood into high quality composite wood products.

The principals in Reforus are the owners of Porter Construction Services, a company that has been involved in construction and logging since the 1960s. Starting on the West Coast of British Columbia, they have expanded their horizons to include project experience in Japan, Saudi Arabia, Mexico, Marshall Islands and the People’s Republic of China.

Currently Porter Construction is focused on the development of high priced homes in the more affluent areas of Vancouver BC. Recent projects include residential, commercial, and government buildings as well as high end custom wood components. Porter Construction has built a reputation not only for being a premier building company but as one of the most forward thinking and innovative companies in regards to wood based building systems.


Extensive forest damage caused by pine-beetle infestation in the interior of British Columbia was becoming apparent. Research was then started to determine if wood products could be manufactured using degrading fibre from the insect damaged trees. Work focused on developing composite products using a cold-fired ceramics technology championed by the Forest Products Lab, Madison Wisconsin, USA. Products were designed to complement the concrete/ceramic wood composites being developed by various institutions including the University of Northern British Columbia. The product strategy proved to be ill founded and a change in direction was mandated in 2007.


A series of organic and inorganic chemistry systems were tested to determine if they would be suitable building blocks for a structural wood composite. Prototype panel products were made using both epoxy and silicate binders. Epoxy systems showed promise but long-term viability was deemed to be potentially problematic due to a consumer backlash that has been developing against chemistry incorporating Bisphenol A (BPA).


Development work was started on a composite system using bio-based urethane chemistry. Though initial prototypes showed promise, problems were encountered when attempting to optimize polymer interaction with wood substrates. Research has continued and a myriad of issues affecting composite quality and performance have been successfully resolved. A proprietary wood composite technology is now available to manufacturer high quality, value added products from low value, marginal forest resources.


A new family of designer wood panels is developed for interior and exterior applications. The panels will manufactured in various configurations for use as architectural features, fire barriers, concrete form boards and food contact surfaces.


After successful internal testing of Solid Wood Composite technology Reforus begins business development to commercialize the intellectual property it has developed.  Reforus begins to develop partnerships (both domestic and international) to introduce SWC products into different marketing channels.


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