Sustainable Wood Sources

Maximizing the value of wood grown in sustainable forests

Weather Ready

Ready for rain, wind, snow, and whatever else mother nature can produce

Bio Polymer Technology

Clean bio polymer technology providing superior performance over traditional composite materials

Fire Resistant

“Class A” fire rating for surface burning, creates a charring effect that inhibits flame spread

Tech Driven Manufacturing

Computer aided manufacturing to increase efficiency while minimalizing waste

Waste Stream Utilization

Turns pulp waste into value added technologies suitable for a variety of industries


Reforus has developed an innovative manufacturing process that chemically bonds bio polymer coatings to Plywood, OSB, MDF, and Dimensional Lumber.  As a result, bio polymer coatings can be used to produce a superior end product while eliminating many steps associated with traditional wood manufacturing.  Reforus composites provide wood products with advanced mechanical properties.

Water Resistance: polymer technology provides a waterproof layer capable withstanding extreme moisture conditions.  3rd party testing has shown virtually zero impact when being exposed to high moisture / high humidity conditions.  Unlike many fire resistant paints, continued exposure to high moisture conditions will not degrade fire resistance.

Fire Resistance: Coating provides wood products with “Class A” flame spread rating for ASTM e84, Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials.  The coating also exceeds CAN/ULC-S101-07, Standard method of fire endurance tests of building constructions and materials.

Anti-skid / Anti-slip: Waterproof polymer coating with added aluminum grit for an anti-skid surface that is bonded directly to plywood.  Strong enough to endure heavy traffic while keeping cargo and people from slipping in even extreme moisture.

The BuildPanel Platform

BuildPaneltm is a new proprietary building platform which consists of a system of structural shear panels that are “clicked” together to form buildings. BuildPaneltm incorporates a weather resistant slip joint/connector system (male/female) on the vertical edges of each panel that enables the inexperienced worker to build structures within hours without any formal training.

The basic BuildPaneltm component panel is modified during the production process to produce a myriad of structural parts. The user combines the parts in various configurations to produce an unlimited variety of building structures. Assembly is easy to learn and structures can be built in hours (vs days/weeks using conventional building techniques)

  • Building quality is assured since panels can only “click together” one way – “the correct way”
  • Panels are self-engineering and footprints can be changed in real time as consumer needs change
  • Suitable for weather conditions from the Arctic to the equator
  • Buildings are non-toxic – resistant to borers, rodents, vermin, will not support mould growth
Cost Per Day
Material Savings
Labour Savings

About Reforus

Reforus Wood Systems Inc. is a Canadian controlled private corporation (CCPC) focused value added wood product technologies.  Reforus has developed a new material technology which combines Soy and Lignin based polyols with an automated manufacturing system to create high value wood composites.  The technology will be used to manufacture a wide variety of affordable wood products which offer different mechanical properties for different applications.

Reforus currently operates a pilot manufacturing facility in Surrey British Columbia.  The automated pilot line produces coated Plywood, OSB, MDF, Dimension Lumber products which are currently being test marketed across British Columbia.  The line has a capacity of approximately 2500 sq.ft. of product per eight-hour shift.  The line is also used for developing product samples for a variety of clients in the construction, shipping, and natural resource industries.

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